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Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Management - Communicating Change

Think about these questions prior to communicating change to your organization, project team, or stakeholders.

1. Why are we changing things?

Be prepared to address the value of the change to the people impacted by the change

2. What is required for those impacted by the change to do? What needs to be done first, second, etc.?

Outline the steps required to implement the change

3. How will we measure the results of the change? What are the potential impacts?

Prepare ahead of time to address how the team will know if they are successful.

4. Once change is implemented what tools or processes will need to be changed, added, deleted?

What will be impacted and how might these changes be received?

5. What is the benefit of the change (What's in it for me?)

What is the benefit, what is the downside (if any)?  Be honest and let the team know if behavior change is expected

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McLachlan Lister said...


Thanks goodness I found this blog. I have been looking around for hours trying to find this data. Keep up the good work! Also I adore your over all look of your blog. I will be back. I have bookmarked you.

McLachlan Lister: For over 30 years, the name McLachlan Lister has been
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