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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manage Expectations to Succeed

In the project management world there are many differing opinions regarding how to successfully manage a project. One of the most important things project managers must do is to manage the expectations and relationships with our stakeholders.

Some things to keep in mind to help us manage our relationships better are:
  • Take the time to assess the culture (Is it supportive, what is the balance of power, what are the stakeholder attitudes)
  • Identify and formally document the goals of the stakeholders and sponsor (Are the goals realistic, attainable, communicated)
  • Assess our own capabilities and limitations (Are you politically savvy, respected, a good negotiator)
  • Define the problem(s) the project will be solving (Define objectives, risks, relationships)
  • Develop solutions (Create action plan, determine the right solution for the right time)
  • Test and refine the solutions (New learnings must be incorporated, replan, retool, rethink)
  • Develop communication plans to ensure expectations are managed 

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