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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Words for Thoughtful Planning

It has been said that many new projects never flourish, they just fade away. This is a sign of a broken organization.

To help fix your organization in a small way, think about these ten things (I like the letter "S") to help you regain your planning focus:


Strategy - Where are you going? Why do we need this? What is important?

Scrub - Scrub your data, scrub your processes, scrub your silos and across the silos to understand how things are managed and how work is accomplished.

Sort - Think about how work is done and who does it. Sort the work into distinct areas or functions. Plan for rework.

Scrutiny - Carefully review all information. E-mail isn't always your friend.

Sacrifice - Be willing to go to extraordinary lengths to have project success. Take your project's success personally.

Systems - Routines and processes for managing systems of things.

Strength - Focus on relationships. Focus on your strengths for each project.

Standards - Procedures that are followed. Continuous process improvement.

Stand - Be visible. Let the project members know where they are going and why. Lead!

Success - Define success for the project, and define success for your team.

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