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Monday, March 03, 2008

Thoughts on Politics and Projects

My thoughts today are partially inspired by Tom Peters whom I have written about in the past.

A great/WOW project always changes (Has to be for the better) the way organizations work.

Tom Peters says – “WOW Projects = Changing the Rules”

He also says, “Changing the Rules = Pissing off members of the Establishment”.

If your project is pushing massive change through your organization there will be people that are going to be upset, and some of them might try to derail your project. These small thinkers will be envious, jealous, might feel you are invading their turf, or are just afraid of change. Sometimes you will have to use your political skills to go around them, go through them, or better yet find ways to get them on your side. All three approaches can take time, energy, and patience.

Quick Rules and Thoughts

Project management politics can be brutal. When big changes occur big guns come out.

Politics is life; however politics can and must be managed if your project is going to be successful.

Don’t let the status quo kill your great ideas or derail your project. Be flexible, but firm when it comes to implementing your project's deliverables, but don’t ignore the political realities.

Politics is the art of getting things done. As Tom Peters says “No Politics=No Implementation”.

Develop powerful allies in your organization to help you get your project implemented. Be sure to show appreciation to all those people that help you along the way.

Don’t implement anything in your project that can’t be verified (verifiable milestones).

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