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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Listening and Respect

I used to work for a guy that spent most of his time checking his e-mail during meetings with his staff, and during one-on-one conversations. He never really cared what others were saying because his responses to questions and his off-hand comments would always deflect to what he wanted to discuss and rarely would he address the other person's ideas or inquiries. I still think of him as one of the most disrespectful and arrogant people I have known.

Looking back, I think he is insecure and uncomfortable communicating face-to-face, which would explain why 98% of his communications to his staff and peers is via e-mail. His poor listening and communication skills hurt his credibility with others, and cause many of of his ideas to be rejected or considered to have little merit. You see when you tend not to respect and listen to others, they tend not to respect or listen to you. It is a shame people like him hold powerful "leadership" positions. Great leaders must be incredible communicators, and must be respectful of others at all times.

Watch this very short video of Tom Peters explain how we can ensure we are showing proper respect to others.

Remember, give people the time they deserve and really listen to them. To be honest, I am guilty of not listening well all the time, but I'm aware of it and I'm trying continuously to improve these skills.