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Monday, January 30, 2012

Simple Problem Management Tips

Stand up for your team members. If other team members, individuals, or groups outside your team are leveling unfair criticism on your team, get out in front of the issue and defend your team.

Admit your mistakes. Do not allow pride or ego to prevent you from admitting your mistakes.

Take charge when needed. Some situations will solve themselves; others may require you to step in. Know when to get involved and when to stay on the sideline.

Fix problems quickly. Do not worry about assigning blame. Fix the problem first before trying to find the root cause.

Separate yourself from the problem – Learn to see problems from different perspectives. Learn to look for causes.

Take time to know the facts. Do not prescribe before you diagnose. Take the time to gather all the facts before you rush to judgment.

Retain control of your emotions. Do not let anger cloud your judgment.

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