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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Project Checklist for Project Sponsors

Identify the participants and their roles

Identify potential project team members as well as the major stakeholders.  Keep in mind the project manager should have the final say as to the project core team members.

Assign an experienced project manager early

I recently changed jobs and haven't taken the time to post to this blog.  To all the people that visit here and support this blog, thank you.  I will be posting more often in the future.

This Project Manager will make or break a project.  Be sure the individual has the expertise to manage the project and works well with others.  Don't hesitate to look at outside sources if a qualified project manager isn't available internally.

Assess the qualifications and experience of the project team members

Along with the project manager, initially assess the experience and character of potential team members.  Keep in mind the importance of well-rounded team players, and their ability to work well with others.

Complete a high-level charter

A preliminary project charter with major milestones and project objectives should always be completed by the sponsor.  After the charter is apporved and issued the sponsor can work with the project manager to identify some of the key tasks for each milestone.  It is understood that this initial "plan" is only preliminary, and will be refined over time by the project manager as he works with the team.

Ensure an issues tracking system is put in place

Ensure the project manager develops a method to track all issues and their resolutions.

Ensure there are regular project progress meetings

Work with the project manager to ensure that regular status meetings are held with key stakeholders, the sponsor, and core project team members.

Setup a regular schedule for status reporting.  Establish the criteria for regular status reports and the information they should contain.

Conduct a project kickoff meeting

Officially start the project with a meeting of all project stakeholders. The project manager and project team should be introduced, the milestones reviewed with estimated completion dates (dates at this point are just guesses), and expectations as to the level of participation and responsibility.

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