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Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Project Management Trends?

Late last year, ESI International a surveyed a global panel of consultants and senior executives and identified the top ten project management trends in 2010.  Some of these seem a little strange, but we have to keep in mind that part of ESI International's business is delivering project management training.

According to the survey the top ten project management trends are:

1. The implementation of new Project Portfolio Management solutions will soar

2. Reliance on Requirements Metrics to measure performance will increase

3. Senior Executives will embrace the value of Project and Program Governance

4. PMOs will go to the next level with Business Analysis Centres of Excellence

5. Demand for Agile Project metrics will increase

6. Vendor management and program outsourcing will move front and center

7. Risk Management will become a Project Management obsession

8. Crisis environments will leverage Project Portfolio principles for better outcomes

9. Project management learning measurement will no longer be “a Nice to Have”

10. Project management learning will push out of the classroom

To view the rest of the article, visit here


* said...

The metrics will show Agile Projects to be vastly superior - so superior that the metrics will not be believed. The traditional project defined completely up front has been dead for three decades.

ProjectSteps said...

Agile projects by themselves can't deliver anything of value. It still takes a great project manager and project team to get results. Also, metrics don't tell the whole tale regarding project success.