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Monday, January 04, 2010

Project Don'ts

Don’t believe everything you are told about a potential project’s benefits. Investigate for yourself and plan accordingly.

Don’t take on a project that doesn’t have a strong sponsor that is committed to seeing the project succeed.

Don't forget that most project assumptions should also be risks.

Don't set project expectations that are higher than reality can deliver.

Don't try to define reality too early in the project planning phase.

Don’t define solutions that do not address needs.

Don’t forget to manage customer expectations.

Don’t forget to thank your team members for doing a good job.

Don’t be a whiner. A leader never whines and a whiner never leads.

Don’t forget that leaders need to have credibility.

Don’t forget that credibility requires honesty, dedication, commitment, and capability.

Don’t forget that people are the number one reason for project failure.

Don’t forget that empowering teams is a management function.

Don’t allow others to influence your attitude. Be positive in the face of adversity.

Don’t forget to have fun while working on your projects.

Don’t forget that Project Management is mostly art and some science.


Sara_broca said...


very nice post.

Don't forget that projects don't end up as originally planned

Andreas Splett said...

Next time more the don't use negative expressions. Enhence us to see the world and work ahead positive !

10 things to do to get a the project management job well done!

ProjectSteps said...

Thanks Sara, good point.

Andreas, some things you just "don't" do!