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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

16 Points to PM Maturity

One of my favorite project management books is called - "Project Management - A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling" -  and is written by Dr. Harold Kerzner. In this book there is a section entitled "16 Points to Project Management Maturity". These points are listed below, and are worth reviewing on a regular basis.

1. Adopt a project management methodology and use it consistently

2. Implement a philosophy that drives the company toward project management maturity and communicate to everyone

3. Commit to developing effective plans at the beginning of each project

4. Minimize scope changes by committing to realistic objectives

5. Recognize that cost and schedule management are inseparable

6. Select the right person as project manager

7. Provide executives with project sponsor information, not project management information

8. Strengthen involvement and support of line management

9. Focus on deliverable rather than resources

10. Cultivate effective communication, cooperation, and trust to achieve rapid project management maturity

11. Share recognition for project success with the entire project team and line management

12. Eliminate non-productive meetings

13. Focus on identifying and solving problems early, quickly, and cost effectively

14. Measure progress periodically

15. Use project management software as a tool - not as a subsitute for effective planning or interpersonal skills

16. Institute an all-employee training program with periodic updates based upon documented lessons learned

If you have some of your own post them in the comments section.


Jon said...

Maybe related to #4: define objective, measurable requirements.

Determine project stake holders.

Identify and document project risks. Be prepared to develop contingency plans.

Be proactive not reactive.

Unknown said...

Very nice and to the point post! All the above mentioned points are very necessary for the project management.
Better to follow these steps.They are quite easy and systematic.
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