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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Collaborate = Conflict?

When people collaborate there will sometimes be disagreement. Disagreement doesn't have to be a bad thing, and in many instances constructive disagreement can lead to a better solution. With that in mind, it is important for all participants in the conversation to recoginize when productive disagreement becomes destructive. When collaborating with others, a project manager has to be an expert negotiator to ensure that project communications are kept open, civil, and productive. While comprimising isn't the right answer when collaboarting, sometimes it is the only answer when consensus can't be reached.

Don't allow your project communications to deteriorate into pitty bickering and fighting. As the project manager it is up to you to keep project communications civil and productive. Be respectful of others and demand respect in return.

When managing conflict remember to:

Understand when a conflict is out of hand

Help to defuse emotions

Focus on questions that ask why, how, and what

Search for solutions together

Evalutate solutions that make sense and are agreeable

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