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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My (not glib) Christmas Thank You

Thank you to…

God. I know I will be scared when I see you

My wife and kids. Why you put up with me I will never know. I love you all deeply and pray for each of you. Please don’t give up on yourselves or me

My parents. Your love and concern was/is the deepest I have known

My sisters. Beautiful people with good hearts

Our troops for enduring conditions and situations we can’t imagine. They are our heroes, and we must never lose sight of that

Policewomen and men. My dad was a cop for many years. They are always in harm’s way and are fighting some very bad people every day.

Nurses. Wow, what you do is incredible

Firemen and women. They are under paid, under appreciated, and they should be commended for their dedication and courage

Kids that defy the odds and always strive to do and be their best

George Bush and Dick Cheney. I’m mad at them for rushing us into war and their other mistakes, but they have worked very hard to help us avoid another 9/11

Military families. Their support helps our soldiers endure

Jimmy Carter. He works tirelessly for others

My manager. Your dedication to family and work is inspiring and awesome

Co-workers and bosses – past and present - that supported me (and those that didn’t). Without them I would be nothing

Leaders. We know who you are

Friends. It has been a wild ride

People with character. We see you

Honest politicians. They do exist. Trust, but verify

People struggling through hard times, yet remaining faithful

People with kind and gentle spirits

People that love to laugh

Anybody that says “thank you”

Great listeners

Women. You guys are awesome

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