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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tom Peters and the Dozen Truths

I have posted before about Tom Peters before, and he is someone I really admire. In reviewing some of his materials I came across the "Dozen Business Truths" below. Mr. Peters isn't about doing things the way that have always been done. I like his approach to business and it fits right in with cutting edge project management practices.

Successful Businesses' Dozen Truths: Tom Peter's 30-Year Perspective

1. Insanely Great & Quirky Talent

2. Disrespect for Tradition

3. Totally Passionate (to the Point of Irrationality) Belief in What We Are Here to Do

4. Utter Disbelief at the BS that Marks "Normal Industry Behavior"

5. A Maniacal Bias for Execution and Utter Contempt for Those Who Don't "Get It"

6. Speed Demons

7. Up or Out. (Meritocracy Is Thy Name. Sycophancy Is Thy Scourge)

8. Passionate Hatred of Bureaucracy

9. Willingness to Lead the Customer... and Take the Heat Associated Therewith. (Mantra: Satan Invented Focus Groups to Derail True Believers)

10. "Reward Excellent Failures. Punish Mediocre Successes"

11. Courage to Stand Alone on One's Record of Accomplishment Against All the Forces of Conventional Wisdom

12. A Crystal Clear Understanding of Story (Brand) Power


Nikole B said...

Hi Tom,

I just found your blog and I believe I will be checking it out regularly.

I was wondering you had any advice for people looking to implement PMO in a software development company that uses a SCRUM methodology.

ProjectSteps said...

I notice from your post you addressed me as "Tom". I can't answer to Tom.

I can't help you in regards to your question, however maybe somebody else can.


Stephen F. Seay, PMP

Nikole B said...

I was going to read your blog regularly...but your cheeky comment demostrates that you are not serious about creating a blog that actually focuses on project management.

It was a slip. I'm sorry.

Apparently you are not interested in creating a reader base. That is too bad. You looked promising. I will no longer visit your blog.

ProjectSteps said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I tried to use humor in my comment back (not easy on a blog) because your comment started with "Hi Tom".

My name isn't Tom in case you are interested.

Perhaps in the future when you get offended you will try harder to not be so sensitive.

"Real Project Managers aren't overly sensitive"

Stephen F. Seay, PMP

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog. I'm sure I will visit again.