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Thursday, July 27, 2006

4 Disciplines of Execution - continued

This week's entry is a continuation of my previous posting regarding what Dr. Stephen Covey calls the "4 Disciplines of Execution". This text is taken directly from FranklinCovey's "The 4 Disciplines of Execution Quick Reference".

Discipline 2 - Create a Compelling Scorecard

Measures and a scoreboard ensure that people have the same understanding of goals. Turn your measures into a compelling scoreboard that is accessible, visual, engaging, doable, and concise.

Key Things to Remember

Types of Measures

* Lagging - provide an historical look at past performance

* Leading - provide measures that are predictive of future results.

* Real-time - show where things are right now. They allow corrective action to be taken immediately to affect the outcome.

Measurement Credibility Checklist

* Accurately tracks progress toward the goal

* Inputs cannot be easily manipulated

* Can be influenced by the team

* Drives the right behaviors

* Tracks outcomes as well as activities

* Is truly achievable

* Has no unintended consequences

* Value of measuring exceeds cost of measuring

For more information on the "4 Disciplines of Execution", click here.

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